Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Everybody around her tries to make her feel special. They help her with everything be it food, work stress, or health, etc. It is the people around her that make her pregnancy more beautiful and celebrate grandeur to welcome the little one. Family, friends, and co-workers, everybody put in their efforts to make her happy.

Baby Shower is an occasion where friends, family or colleagues shower all their love and blessings on “mother to be” and “yet to arrive” baby. You will be overwhelmed with the celebration specially hosted for you. And when the baby shower is over, you have to send thank you to all those who hosted, attended and made it extra special for you.

If you are going to be a mother, and your friends, family or co-worker organized an amazing baby shower for you, then you must thank them in a beautiful way for creating such beautiful memories for you. In case you feel short of words to express your happiness and how grateful you are for these memories, refer below for some thank you messages. Hope it helps you.

Listing down some thank you messages for you, so that you can thank them for all the things that they did for you.


  • Thanks a tonne for joining us in our happiness. Your presence added an extra zest in the Baby Shower celebration.
  • Thank you so much for organizing a beautiful floral themed baby shower for me.
    I will always cherish this beautiful day created by you guys.
  • I am so lucky to have friends like you. You guys were always there when I needed any sort of help. Thank you for joining my baby shower.
  • Not only I am lucky to call you guys my friends but my child will be blessed to have an amazing uncle and aunts. Thank you for all the love and beautiful arrangements.
  • Thank you so much for your support and. you have truly helped me through this.
  • Thank you for cooperating with all my tantrums and mood swings in the office. you guys have always maintained patience with me. I am grateful to have such supportive friends with me. I love you all.
  • I just can’t thank you all enough for the surprising baby shower you organized for me. This moment will always be cherished.
    Thank you and you guys are the best.
  • It was so thoughtful and kind to organize a baby shower for me. I am surely going to miss you all. Thank you for all your beautiful efforts.
  • Thank you for the amazing gift presented by you on my baby shower. I loved the gift so much and surely my kid will love it too.
    Thank you for joining us and making it even more special.
  • Thank you so much for hosting a beautiful baby shower. I will always be thankful to God for sending such beautiful people in my life. Thank you so much for everything.
  • You guys are family to me. I will surely l miss you.thank you for all the love and care that you people showered on me.
  • Thank you so much for throwing such an amazing baby shower in my honor. I will always be grateful to have friends like you. I loved every bit of celebration, Thank you so much.
  • I just cannot thank you enough for what you guys did. Everything was so perfect from the food to the games, dance and musical chairs. I loved and enjoyed every moment.
    Thank you for making it extra special.
  • You are a sweetheart, I am equally lucky and blessed to have you in my life. God might have sent you for me to always make me happy, it was such a beautiful baby shower you organized for me. I love you and thank you so much.
  • Thank you for the amazing gift. It is going to help me so much when the baby comes.
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift and for making your presence at the baby shower.
  • You are the coworker and a best friend ever, thank you for the adorable gift and make my baby shower incredible.
  • I am amazed to see a beautiful hand-knitted sweater for my child. It is absolutely beautiful and thank you for putting efforts and gifting me this.
    I love you and thank you for everything.
  • We are so fortunate to be loved and supported by such amazing friends. Certainly not, you guys are family. We love you.
  • It was an amazing baby shower hosted by you people. Despite being lots of work pressure, it was so kind and generous of you for putting lots of effort to arrange an amazing baby shower.
  • These moments will always be cherished. Thank you for making my baby shower the one that I will never forget.
  • Thank you for your warm wishes and kind blessings. I appreciate you for taking out time and making my baby shower more beautiful.
  • Having friends like you all make me comfortable and safe. Thank you for all your love and warm wishes. Keep me in your prayers. I love you all and thank you.
  • Thank you for all the beautiful gifts, warm wishes, and kind blessings.
  • It was kind of you presenting beautiful gifts to my unborn baby. like me, the baby will also be thankful for such an adorable gift.
    thank you so much for all the love.
  • Despite having such a hectic schedule, you all thrilled me with a beautiful surprise. You gifted me a priceless moment with a fun themed baby shower.
  • All your gifts have saved lots of money. Thanks a ton for such thoughtful and beautiful gifts. We all loved your gifts. Thanks for hosting a baby shower party. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit.
  • All those selfie corners with crazy selfie props, thoughtful sachets, those crown, videos, and delicious cake and food. Everything was so amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for gifting this beautiful moment.
  • Thank you for giving your best shot in making the occasion grandeur and so special.thank you once again for everything that you did for me and my baby.
  • It was so great to see my colleagues upholding me with my baby shower. You guys are the best and thank you for the biggest surprise.
  • I really appreciate your efforts and support in co-hosting the baby shower. Everybody enjoyed your crazy filled hosting. Thanks for being there.
  • It was such a lovely gesture from you to attend the baby shower party, despite being a heavy schedule. Thank you!
  • Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart.
    Thank you for all your love, care, and support;
    Thank you for hosting a surprise baby shower,
    Thank you for all the kind wishes and blessings,
    Thank you for all the beautiful gifts.
    Thank you for everything guys.
  • Thank you for making this day so special for me and for helping with organising everything. I really couldn’t have done it alone. Thank you for being the savior.
  • You have saved me from making so much trouble today! I really do not understand what I would have done without your organizing skills and supervision.
  • Thank you for all the special treatment and care you have shown me in this completely new phase of my life. Thank you for helping me arrange this baby shower party, the games were so much fun!
  • I feel so grateful to share this great event with my fellow co-workers. Thank you for being so caring and tender with me in this new journey of my life. I feel so grateful to have such nice people in my life.
  • Thank you for making it to the baby shower. I loved all the presents and gifts. Thank you for putting in the effort and being so thoughtful about the gifts. Your good wishes maks me feel so blessed.
  • This day became extra special because I got to celebrate it with you all. Thank you for all the healthy advisees and for all the well wishes. Thank you for being their for me today. I really felt very special and cared about.
  • I could have only imagined that all of you would make it. I have made so many good memories with all of you at work, thank you for being an important part of this very personal celebration of my life too. Having a baby is a leading and getting to celebrate it with you all makes it even more special. Thank you for showering me with gifts and kindness.
  • The baby shower was so memorable in your pressmec. Thank you for taking out the time. Your presence was really appreciated! Thank you for helping me out today, I really enjoyed your company! I hope to see you very soon at work after a few months.
  • Thank you for the humble wishes. I really enjoyed spending time with you. All the fun games that you planned, they were really mesmerizing and thank you for giving a very creative present.
  • I feel so blessed to have celebrated this day with my fellow co-workers. I’m deeply touched by the efforts you all have made to make me comfortable and loved. Thank you for being there with me today, I hope to see you all very soon in a few months.
Baby shower thank you to my co-worker
Baby shower thank you to my co-worker
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Thank You co-worker for organizing a baby shower
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Thank You co worker for attending baby shower
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Baby shower thank you to co-worker