A farewell is an important occasion in a person’s life. As the first day of joining is important so the last day is also equally important. As a new beginning of a new job has so many emotions attached to it so the last day also has different emotions. When we leave a particular job and someone throws a farewell party in our honor we feel so special and honored. It is our duty to thank that person for their time and efforts. A farewell party has its own special memories attached to it. We remember our farewell party forever.

thanks for the Farewell party

Farewell Party Thank you Messages and Quotes

  • My dear colleague, every end has a new beginning and you made my end day very special by throwing a farewell party in my honor. I was so overwhelmed by all the love and affection of my colleagues. Thanks a lot and keep in touch.
  • Thank you for giving me such a nice farewell party. Everything was arranged so smoothly. Thanks for your love and support. Goodbye and good wishes for your future.
  • Thanks for the big farewell party that you hosted for me last night. I am overwhelmed and touched by your sweet gesture. Hope this is not the end of everything, keep in touch, I hope to see you soon again.
Thank you for giving me such a nice farewell party
  • Dear friend, we have been working together for a long time but I never knew your feelings for me, yesterday after you hosted the grand farewell dinner for me, I came to know that I hold such a special place in your heart. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
  • Your kind and encouraging words shall be forever etched in my memory. Thanks for hosting the lovely farewell party in my honor. I wish you all  the best in your future endeavors. Goodbye, my dear friend.
  • You were my only friend when I joined this office. You have always been so kind and helpful to me. We have so many memories together. Your hosting of a farewell party for me proves that you are truly my best colleague. Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart. With a heavy heart, I bid you goodbye. All the best for your future and keep in touch.
  • It is always hard to say goodbye to close friends, but you made it easy by hosting such a fun-filled farewell party for me. I shall always cherish the memories of this unforgettable experience.
  • It takes a lot of courage to get out of your comfort zone and work in a new company with new people, but your words of encouragement are a boon to me. Thanks for your kind gesture and thanks for the fabulous farewell party.
  • My dear colleague, your wise words are an eye-opener for me. Thanks a lot for the splendid dinner and the grand farewell party that you hosted for me. Thanks for the nice words and I hope to execute your advice in my new company. Good luck to you for your future.
  • Thanks to my team, for the awesome farewell party. It was an amazing party with an extraordinary experience. I shall never forget your encouraging words. The dinner was delicious. Goodbye and keep in touch.
  • I got so used to working in this company that the thought of working in any other company haunted me. But since I have to shift to another city because of some personal goals, I am going to another company. Your kind and thoughtful words motivated me to take this decision with courage. Thank you for organizing a farewell party in my honor.
  •  Working in this company was an life-changing experience. The environment of this company was so friendly and my colleagues were so helpful. Thanks my dear colleagues for organizing such a cool farewell party for me. I will definitely miss you. Stay happy and blessed.
Thanks a lot for the splendid dinner and the grand farewell party that you hosted for me.
  • It was such a satisfying experience working in this company. I got to learn so much from my colleagues and my boss was so good.  I learned new skills from everyone. Thanks, everyone for throwing a fabulous farewell party in my honor. I highly appreciate your efforts.
  • Goodbyes are often the toughest thing to say but I have to say goodbye to my dearest friends in the good hope of meeting you all again. Thanks for the great farewell party.
  • Thank you, my friends, for organizing such a grand farewell in my honor, we may part away physically as this is the last day of my college, but our hearts will be always etched together. Goodbye and good luck for your higher studies.
  • We may have to move away from each other my friend, for our work but the memories we have created can never fade away. Thanks for your generosity and thanks for organizing a big farewell party for me. My good wishes are always with you.
  • Our journey together in this college was so good. You were my best friend from the first day. We studied together and played together. Now, it is my turn to go to another place for pursuing higher studies. Thank you very much for the farewell dinner that you organized for me last night. I will miss you very much at my new college. Good wishes and best of luck for your future.
  • Destiny made us friends and now destiny is parting us away, if destiny permits we shall soon meet in the future. Thank you for the nice farewell party and good luck for your higher studies.
  • Life is full of unexpected surprises, where there is joy there is also sorrow, where there is the joy of meeting there is the sorrow of departure. Thanks for the farewell party and with a heavy heart, I bid you goodbye. Hope to meet you again in life.
  • Dear sir, before leaving this office I must admit that you were the best boss I ever had. You were my friend as well as my mentor. You always helped me in so many ways and I got to learn life-saving skills from you. Thank you for the farewell dinner in my honor.  I am grateful for your love and support.
  • The farewell party was a memorable experience my colleagues, and the written notes of encouragement and kind words are great souvenirs to keep with me. Thanks for everything.
  • I have worked in so many companies but nobody ever hosted such a grand farewell party for me. Thanks to my colleagues for the farewell party and thanks for your love and support. May God bless you with health and happiness.
  • It just feels that only yesterday I had joined this company and it is already my time to shift to another corporation. When there are such good colleagues like you it makes the work so much easier. Thanks for your blessings and thanks for the farewell party.
  • As I am leaving this company my heart is filled with mixed emotions of joy and sorrow. The sorrow of leaving this beautiful place and joy of joining a new firm. But it is always hard to get good and helpful colleagues like you. Thank you for the farewell dinner and thank you for your good wishes.
  • God has been kind upon me that I got to work with such good people in this company. Thanks for the fantastic farewell party and may God bless you all.
Thank you for the farewell dinner and thank you for your good wishes.
  • Thank you for making the last day seem so dreamy and special. This memory will always be unforgettable and mesmerizing for me. All the efforts you have put in, I’m so thankful to you guys!
  • Thank you for throwing such a classy and dreamy farewell party for me! I seriously don’t understand what I did to deserve so much love and tenderness here! You guys will always be missed no matter where I go from here!
  • The memories I have made with everyone here is always going to be imprinted in my soul and in my memories, thank you for all the extra care and love you have shown to me! This day will always be cherished by me!
  • Thank you for being an irreplaceable part of my life. I have loved being around everyone in this room! All the fun I have had with you guys in this party will always be cherished in my memories!
  • Thank you for organizing this farewell party, I feel very obliged to everyone associated with organising and conducting this party super smoothly! I could have never imagined that I’ll have to say adieu to everyone of you someday!
  • I have made some of the best memories of my life with you all. It would be very hard to overcome it, but I guess the meaning of life lies in moving on! Thank you for all the beautiful farewell gifts and the wishes you have showered on me! I can never ever be thankful enough to you all.
  • It feels like yesterday when we first met, and here we are saying goodbye to each other. But before anything I’d like to say thank you to every person who has been a great mentor, a great friend and a great advisor to me in the past years, I have seriously grown a lot seeing the devotion you have for your craft and work!
  • I feel so deeply touched by everyone in this room. I never knew time has planned this for us! But this too shall pass, and I’ll always remember each and everyone of you! Thank you for teaching me so many lessons and for so many countless cherishable fun and laughs!
  • A final adieu to you! I really could have not imagined leaving this place without saying goodbye to you! Thank you for attending my farewell party and also for attending it. I feel deeply grateful to have met you in the first place!
  • Thank you for making this day so fun and memorable! I could have never imagined it would be so dreamy and happening! This party will always be cherished in my memory!