Retirement is a special occasion in each and everyone’s life. After working for so many years in a company the time for retirement comes. It is not an easy task to work for long hours for almost half of your life. With age, one gets tired of the same office routine and waits with bated breath for retirement.  Finally, the time of retirement comes and we feel relaxed and free. On our retirement day, our colleagues and friends give us many different gifts and throw a retirement party in our honor. We must always thank them for the retirement party and retirement gifts.

Thank you for Retirement Gift
Thank you for Retirement Gift

Here are 25 thank you for retirement gifts.

Thank you Messages For Retirement Gifts

  • Thanks for the nice retirement gift. I will always keep it with myself as a valuable treasure. Lots of love and God bless you.
  • Your efforts for bringing a beautiful retirement gift for me is highly appreciated. I shall always keep it in a safe place. Thanks for the retirement gift.
  • I got many different types of gifts for my friends and colleagues on my retirement day but your gift was the most special one. Thanks for the special retirement gift.
  • My dear colleague, we have worked for decades in this corporate world and finally on my retirement day, you showered me with such a beautiful gift. Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thanks for the retirement gift.
  • You made my wish come true by giving me the exact gift that I wanted on my retirement day. Thanks for the memorable retirement gift.
  • Wow, what a beautiful watch you gave me on my retirement day. Time shall pass away, but looking at the watch I shall remember the beautiful bond that we created working in the office. Thanks for the great and thoughtful retirement gift.
  • Thank you for the retirement gift and retirement party that you kept in my honor. It was a much-needed gift. It’s just as precious as our friendship.
  • As it is said that a friend knows more about yourself than you know. You proved it right by giving me the same gift which I yearned for a long time. Thanks for the retirement gift and thanks for making my wish come true.
  • The best gift on my retirement, the beautiful wall hanging. I will always hang it on my wall, my friend and remember the best moments of life that we spent together in this office. Thanks and I highly admire your choice. May God bless you and your family. Keep in touch.
  • Dear friend, thanks for the beautiful bouquet of flowers that you gave me on my retirement day. My house is fragrant with the perfume of the fresh roses. Thanks for the retirement gift. Have a great life ahead.
  • My dear colleagues, I am just overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. The different retirement gifts that you gave me were incredible. I am grateful for your love and support. Thanks for the gifts and I pray to God to give you the best rewards in your life.
  • Thanks for the precious and valuable retirement gift that you gave me on my retirement day. I shall always keep it as a valuable possession.  Thanks for your generosity. May God bless you.
  • Your retirement gift is just out of this world. I will always keep it as a treasured souvenir. Thanks for making my retired life happy.
  • This is the best gift that I could have received at this age. It will help me a lot in my old age. Thanks for the appropriate retirement gift. Wish you all the best for your old age.
  • It’s not my age to get gifts but getting a good gift still makes me happy. I am just amazed and delighted to get such a good gift from you. Thanks for the good retirement gift. Have a great life ahead.
  • I always thought about how would I spent time after my retirement. But the gift of chessboard that you gave me shall be my companion in my old age. Whenever I would play chess I would fondly remember you. Thanks for the thoughtful retirement gift. May you be blessed with great gifts in life.
  • The gift of the carom board is the best and esteemed gift that I got on my retirement day, now I can play carom with my family and spend some great time with them. Thanks for the great retirement gift. Keep in touch, my dear friend.
  • Thanks for showering so much love upon me and giving me my favorite gift. As you know playing musical instruments is my hobby. The gift of piano that you presented me on my retirement day is a treasured souvenir. Now after my retirement I can happily play my favorite music on it and pass my time nicely.  Thanks again for your love and the nice retirement gift. Have a healthy and happy life.
  • It is a great privilege to be your colleague, my friend the retirement party that you kept in my honor and the gift that you gave me was really commendable. Thanks for the lovely retirement gift and may God bless you.
  • When we were working together I always looked upon you for advice and now you have made my retirement day happy by giving me the gift of a photo album. I will keep the pictures of my near and dear ones in it and cherish all the wonderful memories that I spent with them.  Thanks for the precious retirement gift. I shall pray to God to give you peace and prosperity in life.
  • Thanks for the elegant retirement gift. Your kindness and generosity is highly appreciated. May God bless you. Keep in touch.
  • How did you know that I exactly needed this? The television set that you gifted me on my retirement day is incredible. Thanks for the generous retirement gift. You can come over to my house and we shall watch our favorite programs on the television together.
  • Thanks my dear colleagues for making my retirement day special with your love, support and gifts. I shall never forget my retirement day. Stay happy and stay blessed.
  • When there are good friends like you I hardly need any gifts. You are the best gifts that God has given me. But I still thank all of you for your generosity and kindness and the best retirement gifts. Be happy and may God bless you with health and happiness.
  • Thanks my dear friends for making my retirement day memorable and joyous with all your love, support, kindness and thoughtful retirement gifts.  May you all be bestowed with unlimited happiness in life.

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