In today’s highly competitive world, it is very rare to get a good job or business. We need to work very hard to get our desired job, there are various benchmarks for getting good business. We need to have excellent writing skills, communication skills and presence of mind to be successful in any business. If a client gives us business and takes notice of our skills then it is our foremost duty to thank the client.

Here are 5 samples Thank you letter to client for giving business:

Thank You Letter to Client for Giving Business
Thank You Letter to Client for Giving Business

Thank You Letter to Client for Giving Business

Thank you for giving me this business opportunity. Your trust in giving me business is highly appreciated. I will work really hard to make it a great success. I promise you that I won’t give you any reason to complain. Our staff and all team members are working hard to meet the deadlines for the sale of the new sports equipment.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us on 888-8888. We look forward to working with you. Thanks again.

Dear John,
I want to convey my sincere thanks to you for giving us this business opportunity of hardware parts making. We shall work very hard to generate revenue and get massive ROI from this. Thanks for putting the trust in us.
If you have any complaints about anything, or any questions related to this business, our customer service team will be glad to assist you. Our 24*7 phone service number is 333-33333.

Thanks and regards,

  Thanks so much for putting trust in us and giving us this huge business opportunity once again to our company. We really appreciate your goodwill for us.  Your kind words and valuable advice are a great source of motivation for us. We will put extra time and money to make this business Internationally acclaimed. We will put our best resources and best sales force to make this business a huge success.

For any concerns do call us on 677-4567.    Thanks again for always helping us being our valuable client. Please keep us in mind for your future projects. We look forward to working with you.

Dear Mr. Herbert,
It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to you. After this Monday’s meeting, I came to know how lucky I am to get the opportunity of doing business with you.  Thanks for sharing your business of reputed shoe brand with me. Thanks for letting me know the concept of your business model clearly. I hope to generate new leads for this business and make it a huge name in the current market. I hope to learn new things and business development strategies from you. Thanks for being our loyal customer.
Thanks again for giving me this business.
Your sincerely,

Thanks for being our loyal client. It is the second year we are working together. This year we hope to make more profit from our cost-effective electronic appliances than the previous year. We will strive to be the best provider of electronic appliances and give value to our consumers.  Our electrical devices will need nominal electricity to work and will help in the conservation of energy. Thanks again for being our valuable patronage.
Please call on 555-5555 in case of any questions or an emergency.

Dear Mr. Arthur,
Thank you for giving us this business opportunity. We highly appreciate your kindness and trust towards us.  We will work towards the betterment of this software company. We will update the CRM of this company first and then look into other features that need to be addressed. We would love to get your feedback. We look forward to work with you.

Thanks for your invaluable trust in us and giving us this business opportunity of making fire extinguishers. We will apply the best industry practices and our best work force for this business.  We will try our best to meet the demands of the customers. We hope to bring great profit from this business.
In case of any concerns call us on 444-4444. We greatly value your feedback.
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you.

Do’s and Don’ts While Writing Letter

If you are sending a handwritten thank you message to a client there few do’s and don’ts

  1. Do always use the appropriate business card like if you are running a sports equipment store than the card should be related to sports or have a relevant design on it.
  2. Don’t use a red pen when writing a thank you letter to a client. It looks aggressive. You can use a blue or black pen instead. You may use a purple glitter pen.
  3. Do respond  promptly and timely. You should value your time as well as the client’s time. Thank you notes should be sent quickly.
  4. Don’t write anything that is self-promotional like business cards, otherwise, it would look less like a thank you letter and more like a promotional letter.
  5. Do reflect the brand of the company.  The appropriate logo or smiley which is relevant to your company’s brand can be included.
  6. Don’t write in a hurry or bad handwriting. It will have a bad impression on the client. Your good handwriting will have a good impact on the client as well as your business. Your unique handwriting will add a personal touch and make the thank-you letter real.

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