We all have people that do amazing things for us that deserve our appreciation. Expressing your gratitude to them is the right thing to do. However, you can go the extra mile by doing it in style. Adding some humor to your message can make it more memorable by:

  • Uniquely expressing your gratitude – You are not likely the only person saying a thank you to that person. But combining yours with humor will help you stand out in a good way.
  • Putting a smile on the recipient’s face – There might be nothing unusual about those regular messages. But a funny thank you message will do more than just express your gratitude. It would also put a lasting smile on the recipient’s face.
  • Create pleasant memories – The recipient is likely to remember you for your funny thank you message. They might bring this up when you meet, and your bond becomes stronger.

Below are some funny messages you might consider to spice up the typical (boring) thank-you notes.

funny thank you messages
funny thank you message

Funny Thank You Messages

  • The saying “show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are” has never been more accurate than with you. You hang around great guys like me, and you are doing great for yourself. Smiles!
  • Hey! The last thing you should do is get over yourself. We both know that luck smiled towards you on this one, but you are worth it. Great one, buddy!
  • I bet you do not have an idea of what failure tastes like. That is because you are pretty good at this. Well done, my friend.
  • I have only come across one person more amazing than you are. Well, that is me, but you came fairly close ?. Thank you for being such a nice person (name of recipient)!
  • I have known you for a very long time now, and here is my verdict. If there is only one good thing about you, you are a great friend. Thanks for being only this one thing (name of recipient).
  • Whose back would you rather have if you don’t have mine? That is what you were born to do, and thanks for that. It simply means you are a God-sent buddy. Smiles!
you've done a lot thank you card
you’ve done a lot thank you card
  • I have been thinking about how often you have come through for this silly me. Well, I am sure it won’t be the last time, so I’d better say thank you for the next time you would come through for me.
  • Do you think I would have done the same for you if you were in my shoes? Sweetheart, I can’t see how that would be possible. That’s why you get this thank you from me.
  • My mama told me that a “thank you” grants you more favors. I would love that, so I am saying a big THANK YOU for the last favor.
  • You know that every cent that I have got matters to me. I spent a couple of them getting you this card, and while that hurts, I feel like it is still worth it. Thank you (name of recipient).
  • Hey! You had better enjoy it while it lasts because you would not be getting a card every time from me. But for the record, you have done a lot to deserve this one. Thanks for being there.
  • After choosing to ignore how annoyingly perfect you are, I have been able to pull myself together and get you this card. Thanks for the good you do.
  • I am your friend, and so I see it all. I see how silly you can sometimes be, so I thank you for all the not-silly things you do.
  • There were times you deserved this kind of card and did not get anyone from me. Well, I am summing all your good deeds together and appreciating you with this particular card. You can thank me later. Smiles!
  • Do you see how amazing this card is? We both know that you do not get such cards often. Well, that is why you should keep hanging around good friends like me.
thank you for the challenges
thank you for the challenges
  • A big thank you to my friends for being with me throughout the hard times, to the challenges for affirming my victory, and to my enemies for making my time spent exciting.
  • I feel that you have been hunting me for this thank you card. After all, you have succeeded at getting it, and you deserve it for all it is worth. Thank you (name of recipient).