Kindness comes in many forms. Sometimes people are selfless and do things for you without caring about themselves. Sometimes people do things for you without you having to ask them. Some people are there for you in your dark times. No matter what the situation is, everyone remembers people that have been kind to them at some stage of their lives.

If someone has been kind to you, you must appreciate them and thank them even if you do with a few words or sentences. It doesn’t matter what you say to them. Your pure and loving intentions can make anyone’s day. Returning kindness to people is a gesture of goodness and is liked by everyone.

Wondering how you can thank someone for their kindness without making it awkward? Are you not good with words and paragraphs? Well, no worries. We have got you covered. So, let’s get started!

thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your kindness

How to Understand Who has been Kind to You?

Some people have a hard time understanding other people’s behavior. It is totally fine if you are one of them. Telling someone that their kindness is acknowledged is important for a civilized society. Here are some forms of kindness that you can appreciate people for:

  • People doing things for you selflessly.
  • People not expecting anything in return from you.
  • People giving you favors without you mentioning it.
  • People helping you out with something and making time for you.
  • People getting you things you need without you mentioning it.
  • People protecting your name behind your back and with you as well.
  • People getting you out of trouble.
  • People giving you genuine advice about something.

How to Thank People for their Kindness?

Saying “sorry” and “thank you” can be hard for some people because of different reasons. But when you know what exactly to say, it can be easier. Here are some steps you can follow to write a thoughtful thank you message to people for kindness.

Step 1

Acknowledge what they did for you and mention it in the note.

Step 2

Tell the person that you would be there for them whenever they need your help.

Step 3

Mention how kind-hearted and considerate the person is.

Step 4

You can also mention a related quality of the person that you like about them.

Step 5

Keep the message short but honest. The words should feel real and not exaggerated.

Thank you Quotes for Kindness

If you want some inspiration for thank quotes and messages for other people’s kindness, we have a lot for you. You can use the messages as they are or alter them according to your situation. At the end of the day, your intention matters the most.

  • Thank you for your kindness even when you were having a hard time yourself. You have been a great listener to me. Because of you, I could get out of so much chaos. People like you deserve so much respect and success in life. I hope I can be helpful for you at some stage of life too.
  • Your single act of kindness made my life worth living. You don’t understand how much I appreciate your kindness toward me. I hope you are staying safe and well. Thank you so much for everything.
  • Thanks for being the ray of sunshine in my darkest times. Your kind-hearted behavior, compassion, and assistance are something I will never forget. You are a person with a precious heart. People like you aren’t common so I hope you stay the same.
Thank you for your kind-hearted behavior
Thank you for your kind-hearted behavior
  • I have never mentioned this to you but I really appreciate your help at that time. You are such a generous, kind, and humble person. I believe everyone should learn all these qualities from you because kindness isn’t a common trait among people nowadays.
  • Your love and kindness have made a lot of difference in my life. These things are never wasted because God always returns kind behavior to people. You will shine bright in your life like the shiniest star in the darkest sky. All my prayers are always with you.
  • You showed that kindness still exists in this world of malice, lies, and betrayal. In the end, people with a pure heart and angelic intentions are what everyone loves. You are my idol because of your kind heart made purely of piousness and virtue.
  • No matter what people say, sometimes a kind friend is everything we need in life. You have been that friend to me who has always been good to me. Your angelic behavior is worth all the appreciation.
  • Thank you for your compassion, patience, assistance, and kindness towards me. You are nothing but an angel on earth who is selfless and makes the world a better place. Because of people like you, the world is still a safe place to live in. We need more people in our life like you and I hope I can be that friend to you as well.
  • Your kind gesture was not expected and that’s exactly why it amazed me. No matter how small of a virtuous gesture someone shows, it proves that good and trustworthy people still exist in this world. Thank you so much for being the way you are!
  • I hope you are not letting anyone make you feel down because you are a real champion. You showed kindness to me when I lost faith in good people. You restored my belief in goodwill. I am sure the kindness will come back to you. Keep being kind and humble no matter what and you will get nothing but happiness in your life.
  • All my good prayers are for you because you deserve it. I am grateful to have someone like you in this world. Your kind gesture for me and my family will stay in a special corner of our hearts forever. People like you and their goodness is worth mentioning and remembering. We hope we can be more like you.
  • If there’s something that can change the world, it is kindness. You stay kind to people without expecting anything in return. But the thing is, kindness always comes back. In a way, your humbleness and generosity inspire people to do the same with you and others. This is something I respect a lot about you.
  • I am amazed at how much you do for everyone around you. Thank you for being the kindest person in my life. Sometimes we get hope from people that we least expect it from. It ignited a sense of gratefulness in me for you.

Short Thank You Quotes for Kindness

Sometimes short quotes are enough to make anyone’s day better. If you return people their kindness, nothing can stop you from a content life. So, let’s find out some inspiration for short thank you notes for kindness!

  • Kindness is one of those things that are never wasted. In fact, it comes back with greater strength.
  • People can only become better when treated with kindness. You are someone who is contributing a lot to it.
  • Treating people with kindness and generosity isn’t easy. But you prove that it is also not impossible.
  • An idol should be kind-hearted and you are exactly that.
  • What’s the point of life when you don’t have a kind friend around? You make my life worth living.
  • I believe people like you are less in this world, but many people will be inspired if you continue with your kindness.
  • Your kindness for me is proof that angels exist on earth.
  • The most powerful weapon to bring peace in anyone’s life is kindness. This is something I have learned from you, my dear friend.
  • If there’s something I will remember even if I get dementia, it’s your inspiring and kind heart that makes this world a better living place.
  • Your soft and compassionate heart makes me want to live my life and keeps all my problems at bay.
Thank you for your compassionate heart
Thank you for your compassionate heart
  • If there’s anything I want to have in myself, it is your kindness for other people.
  • If the whole world tries to be like you, there would be no wars, problems, or tears in this world. People like you can make a dreamy world come true.
  • Your kindness is like a treasure that everyone should get a share of. Keep inspiring everyone like a rockstar!
  • Your authenticity and pureness are worth all the applause.


We hope you can get some amazing inspiration for your kind friend and can cheer them up whenever they are feeling low.

It is important to let people know that you appreciate them because no matter how strong people are, they can need reassurance.

Letting someone know about their importance in your life will make them want to do so much better. People that are always kind towards others deserve the same behavior. They are humans and can have hard times too. Therefore, a few kind words for them can make their day and help them forget their worries.