When someone does something good for us or helps us in any way we must express our gratitude to them by saying thank you. The world becomes a better place by good deeds of some good people, by saying thank you we are validating the actions of such people. Thank you may be a small word but it leaves a great impact on the mind and heart of a person doing some positive work for the society or for anyone. It may not give them any return gift and but will definitely inspire the person to do some good and generous work in the future. Writing a thank you letter is always a win-win situation. We can elaborately describe in a letter the reason for our thankfulness and gratitude.

Thank You Letter for the Generosity
Thank You Letter for the Generosity

Thank You Letter for the Generosity

                                                          May 22nd, 2018


23rd Street
New York City
Dear James,

Thank you for the generous donation of 25,000 dollars for our charity program. Your contribution is highly appreciated.
Your donation will help us in two ways. To provide food and medicine to thousands of poor and underprivileged children.  To provide new clothes and books to poor children.
Our charity program works in two ways.

  1. The money we get from the donors gets donated in the banks and we can withdraw it when required.
  2. The money is deposited directly to the medicine and food providers and they give the poor children food and clothes, free of cost.

We will continue to do this good work in the future as well, we hope to have a good relationship with you In the future as well.  Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,


                                                                                           July 23, 2017

Williams Street

 Dear John ,

Thank you for your generosity.  Your amount of dollar 2 million donated to our cancer care and research center is greatly appreciated. It will be helpful in providing essential medicines and health care amenities to our cancer patients.  It will help in performing surgeries and chemotherapy for our cancer struck and needy patients.

You are helping thousands of patients and their families with your noble deeds, may you be blessed hundredfold.  Thanks again for your noble work and generous support.

Yours sincerely,

Director of cancer care and research center.    

 33 Park majestic

54 park street

Dear Annie,

I cannot express my gratitude for you, for giving me such a nice house to stay in this new city. I didn’t had any place to stay in London. I had so much fun staying with you and your family. You eat together and play together. It was a blessing to stay with such a beautiful family.

It would be my pleasure if you and your family comes to stay with us this summer. Tina would love it, and we would have a great time visiting the old market place and beaches near our house.  Let me know when you can come and I would take some time off from my work. Thanks, again for the memorable experience at your house.


36 Business Road, New Town, Los Angeles, Lilybaker@email.com
20 August 2019
Michael Jordan
Sydney, Australia 4444-444

Dear Michael,

First of all, thanks a lot for your generous donation of dollar 50,000. It means that you know, how important it is for children to have extracurricular activities in their spare time.  The amount you paid will be helpful in setting up our play area for children as well as buying all the necessary materials needed for art and craft.

In a recent survey, it was found that extracurricular activities help children in the following ways:

  1. Children can concentrate better on their studies by doing various physical and mental activities.
  2. Their brain becomes much sharper and they get good grades in their exams.
  3. Children are more alert than before.

Although it may seem less important for an average person but you know it’s not that’s why I think you donated such a generous amount of money. For more information about our different programs and services you can visit our official website playchild.org  and also subscribe to our emails and newsletters. We want to have you as our active member.

We will also give you special discounts on our products for helping our community. Thanks again for your generosity.

Warm regards,
Lily Baker.

P.S.  As a special thanks, we are adding you to our exclusive guest list. You are always welcome for our special events.


44  business Road, Park Avenue, Paris, France , Merry Blaker@email.com
15 December,  2019
Glenis Blake
Paris France 772185

Dearest Glenis,

I am really honored and overwhelmed by your kind and thoughtful gesture.

The generous amount of 250 dollars that you paid for our pet care foundation is really commendable.

The glitter in the eyes of our cute pets for getting their own homes and medicines to apply on their wounds are so soothing and relaxing to our souls.

May God bless you with good health and happiness for your noble work.

You can visit our official website cutefriends.com for information about our pet care foundation. Please subscribe to our newsletters for some special surprises only for you.

We would love to have you as our special subscriber and friend.

Thanks again for all the love and support.

Best Regards,

Merry Blaker.

Founder and CEO of a pet care foundation.

P.S. As a token of appreciation, we are giving you a special surprise when you visit our website. Keep an eye on it.

22 Ice park, Los Angeles, CA Peter Hanker@email.com
20 December 2018
Tina Jonas
Los Angeles CA 8888-888

Dear Tina,

A heartfelt thank you!!!

Kate and Francis got a new home only by your support in their old age.  They are very happy to find such a spacious and bright home in this new city.
No longer they will have to spend their old age isolated and in a packed home. They can now spend their old age happily. They can sit and enjoy in the park near their house, by watching the children playing.
It was possible only by your generous donation of 500 dollars to our old age home. You can also help senior citizens online now by visiting our website www. Old Gold.com
Thanks for your generosity and kindness.

We have added you to our privileged guest list, now you can be notified about our special occasions and functions through our emails and newsletters.

As long as people like you exits, these old age people can spend their lives happily. As you know these people have fixed incomes so it is difficult for them to afford a luxurious home with their budget.

Peter Hanker
Founder of old Gold homes.

P.S.  You are our special volunteer, so we want to meet you face to face to say thank you to you. It would be our privilege.