Mothers are the best creation of God. They hear what’s going on inside us even before we speak about it. They love us unconditionally and eternally. All the blessings and wishes they shower upon us is beyond expressible. We all love our moms, but they love us even more than we do. It’s a beautiful feeling to have a mother with whom you can share any and everything that occupies your mind. From the moment we come into the world, they are there to hold us every time we cry, they worry more about worries than we do. It is a bliss to be loved so much. Mothers are the epitome of caring. They take care of us when we have no else to look after us. Motherhood is a bliss for them, they never ask anything in return for all the compromises and sacrifices they have to make to raise their children and to keep the family strong during hard moments. It must be hard to go through all the hardship of life caring for other people! Let’s thank our beloved mom’s for they might never say this,but they deserve this acknowledgment and appreciation!


  • You have been my guiding light since a very young age. Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am. I have always confided my deepest fear and sorrow to you, you have always looked through my flaws, and I’m so grateful to you for being so kind and loving towards me.
Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am.
  • I have always seen God in your eyes. You are the most kind and wise woman I have known. You are beautiful,mother, I wish I were as pretty as you are! Your spirit is as clean as a dove and you fill everyone with gratitude and grace.
  • God forgive me for all my sins, for I have the most forgiving mother he could give me! I feel so blessed, mom, to be your child. You have instilled by soul with faith and tenderness. I am thankful to every angel that exists for blessing me with a mother like you.
  • You have filled my soul with faith! All I can say to you is Thank you for all the love and care that you have bestowed upon me since the day I was born. I feel content and comfort in your presence. You have understood me at times when I did not understand myself.
  • Thank you mom for always taking care of me, I am so sorry that you had to go through all my childhood drama and tantrums. I know I understand how hard I made it for you, thank you for loving me at times when I do not even like myself. Your acceptance and validation means the entire world to me.
  • Dearest Mom, thank you for all the love and tenderness, I remember when I was a kid you would take me to the park and sit there for hours until I was absolutely tired and had no more energy to play. Your patience and understanding has always left me mesmerised and awestruck.
  • Thank you Mom for being my superhero! You have saved me from storms that I didn’t even see coming. You are the shield that has secured me from all the negativity in the world.
  • Dear mom, you are my best friend. You are the best person I know and the loveliest soul in the entire universe. Thank you for making my life so special with your presence.
  • My life would always be incomplete without you. You have blessed my entire life with faith and wisdom. Thank you for teaching me the importance of prayers and devotion at a very young age.
  • To the greatest mom in the entire world, you have filled me with love and guidance. Your support means everything to me. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, it’s a blessing to have a mother like you!
Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am.
  • I hope you receive all the happiness and wellness there is in the world.Only God knows the amount of sacrifices you have made to keep our family strong and sticked together. Your efforts leaves us mesmerized and instilled with love.
  • You are the sun of our small solar system. Your smile outshines all our worries and pain. I have begun my life within your arms and I intend on losing it in yours too.
  • You are the blessing that God has given me. A mother like you can build a palace from scratch. You have enhanced mine and everyone else’s life with love and comfort. Thank you for putting in so much effort to build this home.
  • My loveliest mom, you are the epitome of patience and understanding. You have loved me even more than I can love you. All the sleepless nights you have spent when I’d have fever and how sad you would be when I would get sad, no one has ever been more attached to me than you! I’m so grateful to you for all the love and care you shower upon me!
  • This home won’t be a home, but just a house without you! You have made so many compromises and sacrifices for me and for our family, thank you for being the most kind person in my life!


  • Thank you mom for still giving me dinner when I mess up! You have been the most humble and forgiving person I have met. You have never failed to understand me.
  • Dearest Mom, I know I’m not good at baking or at cooking but you still let me live in your home and in your heart like a leach. Thank you for not throwing me away.
  • I know I’m not a perfect student, nor am I a perfect sports person, but you have still never failed to see the potential in me that no one else sees, thank you for being my best friend mom!
  • I have shared with you all of my deepest and darkest of fears and mishappens. And you have been more than kind and humble to me.Your advice and guidance have worked wonders for me. Thank you for always having faith in me and for having my back at times when I really needed it.
  • To the most funny and humorous women in the world, you have instilled my life with happiness and laughter!
  • To the days we have spent counting stars, you are the best camping partner, my best friend and my personal critic! Thank you for making everything so much more fun with your presence.


  • Dearest Mom, you have been so patient and generous towards me. Thank you for giving me the space to live and to heal. You are an inspiration to me.
  • You are my beloved mom. You make everything extra special and memorable. I feel terribly sorry for all the opportunities and chances that you have lost because of me and our family. I love you the most in the entire world.
Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am.
  • Thank you mom for being the most amazing person in the entire world. You are my rockstar. You are the prettiest and the most graceful women in the universe. I feel blessed to be born in your arms and to be raised by your loving hand.
  • Your arms are always open to me. I have never felt more comforted and beloved by anyone but you. You make me the happiest and the most loved person in the world. Thank you for bearing all my drama and pickiness.
  • Thank you for being the shoulder on which I can always keep my head. You have made my life so easier and better by guiding me towards my vision. You have had faith in me when I do not even know if I am good enough. I feel highly obliged to you.
  • My beloved mother, thank you for teaching me the power of prayers and hope. I have kept all your preachings and ideologies close to my heart. Today, whoever I’m it’s because of your teachings and blessings. Thank you for giving me a blissful childhood.
  • You have bestowed me with love and care. Since the day I was born, you have made each day of my life so memorable and mesmerising. I can not imagine even a day without you and your blissful presence. All your love and scoldings have made me the person I’m today, and I feel nothing but grateful to you.
  • Thank you my loving mom for all the sacrifices and compromises you have made to make me happy and to secure my future. I have full faith in you and that everything you do is the best for our little family.
  • I worry about living apart from you. I love you so much mom, you have made me the person I am today. Thank you for making me emotionally and mentally strong enough to go through all the hardship in life. I’m so proud to have a mother like you.
Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am.
  • Dearest Mom, you are the best chef in the world. Taste of your dinner dishes make me so nostalgic even today!
  • All the time and effort that you have sacrificed to raise me. All the sleepless nights you have spent when I was sick, I’m forever grateful to you for loving me unconditionally and eternally. I am forever obliged to you for all the compromises you have made in your life to give me a happier and more successful life.
  • Every time I see your tears, they make me the saddest person in the entire universe. I feel so blessed to be your child and I would do anything and everything to make you a proud mother! All the sacrifices and compromises you make will never go in vain.
Thank you for understanding me and for loving me for who I am.