Mothers are the most beautiful creation of God. Being a mom is not just about having a family or having a child to take care of, but it is actually a full-time job. It takes a hell lot of courage and dedication to be a good mother and to always make sure that your children are happy and content. The primary motive of every mother has always been to keep their children safe and secure and to provide them with a non-traumatizing and happy childhood. Every mother in this world deserves an Oscar, a national award, a gammy to acknowledge all the efforts that they make to ensure the happiness and prosperity of their children.

The relationship a mother shares with her daughter is truly holy and sacred. Nothing can ever malign it. Every mother sees her younger self when she looks at her daughter. And every hound daughter looks with awe and respect at their mothers, aspiring to be like her someday. It is a beautiful relationship and the dynamics that they share can never be expressed in words completely. A mother is always the best friend, the biggest motivation and a guiding light to their daughter. They are the most selfless towards them and would do anything to keep them happy and satisfied with their life.

Here are a few thank you quotes and messages every daughter should send out to their mothers reminding them how grateful and happy they make you and how incomplete and useless your lives would have been without them in it. Acknowledging the efforts and the sacrifice a mother makes is the first step towards showing gratitude towards a mother.

Emotional Thank You Quotes To Mothers From Daughter

  • It has always been an honour for me to be your daughter. Having influential, realistic and positive women like you around has been a true blessing for me. Thank you for always being by my side and in motivating me by several means.
Thank you for always being by my side and in motivating me by several means.
  • Thank you for helping me out through all the difficult phases of my life. I really can never imagine my life without your love and support. I hope I become a woman like you someday.
  • Dear mom, as I grow up, I realise the amount of sacrifice and compromises you must have to make to keep me safe and secure. Thank you for working so hard to provide me with a better and more opportunistic future.
  • I feel so proud when anyone calls me your daughter. I have seen you work hard and smart to build a good life for yourself, for me and for our family. I will forever be indebted to you for making me a confident and smart woman.
  • Thank you for making me a confident and optimistic woman. I am so blessed to have a woman like you as my mother. I hope I always make you proud of myself and that the bond we both share of motherhood and daughterhood keeps growing with every day and year.
  • You have made me such a happy and joyous human being. Thank you for always teaching me good values, ethics, and principles. I have never seen a human being with a heart as generous and big as yours. Your generosity never fails to leave me mesmerised and baffled.
  • I hope I always make you happy the same way that you keep me happy. I am trying to keep up with you.

Thank You Quotes To Mothers From Daughters Living Far Away

  • Dear mom, living away from you has truly taught me the lesson that how much you did for me without taking any credit for it. All the compromises and extra work of my plate you did without ever even mentioning or asking for praise.
Thank you for always being by my side and in motivating me by several means.
  • I hope you are at peace and happy with your life. I miss being around you and talking to you. Life has really changed even since I moved to this new place but the memories that I share with you are still priceless and I feel nostalgic whenever I think about you.
  • No amount of letters and gifts can be enough to express how much I miss you and everything that you for me. There’s no person like you here. No one has ever loved me with the amount of grace and selflessness with which you have cared for and loved me.
  • I will forever be indebted to you for all the sacrifices you made for me. I am so sorry for giving you a hard time sometimes. You have always been an inspiration to me and I realise this now that I have to live away from you.
  • This message is to my dearest mother for being so nice and kind towards me all the time. I miss you so much mom, everything we did together feels like a memory to me now. I assure you that I will be back in our hometown very soon.
  • I hope this message finds you in the best of health. I was thinking about in the holiday season and about all the things we did and all our self made rituals. Thank you for providing me with a normal and happy childhood.
  • I hope you always find happiness and prosperity in my life. Thank you for influencing my life by means an o one else ever could or ever has. I am truly grateful to you for bearing with me in days of darkness and in bursts of sunshine.
  • Your presence in my life and truly changed my life inspires me. I can only imagine a life without you in it. I aspire to be a good mother like you. Thank you for providing me with more than what I have ever needed. You have always made sure that I and my siblings always feel content and happy with our lives.
Thank you for always being by my side and in motivating me by several means.
  • Our childhood was awesome because we had the coolest and the most charming woman as our mother. Thank you, mom, for giving us so many beautiful memories in our childhood. It feels so enthralling to imagine those days again. The nostalgia always hits the right chords in my heart and all I want to do is be with you again.
  • Thank you for encouraging me to take up this scholarship. U feel so comfortable and confident in this new university. But above all, I miss you the most. All the evenings we spent together, just chatting and talking about life was so priceless and important to me.

Mothers Day Thank You Quotes From Daughters To Their Mothers

  • Thank you for never leaving my side and for lasts having my back no matter how bad things might go wrong. I do not remember a single day of my life when you haven’t taught me the importance of kindness and generosity.
  • I believe that people are shaped by the values they are taught. And a huge role and credit in shaping my personality and persona go to you. Thank you for teaching me some of the most important lessons of life at such a young age.
  • I feel so proud when anyone compliments me on my personality and work ethics because I very well know that I have adopted and learnt all these habits and routines from my dearest mother.
  • I would like to apologise for all the times that I have let you down or left all your efforts unacknowledged. I am sorry for not being perfect but I promise you that someday I will make you the proudest mother in the entire universe.
  • On this beautiful occasion of mother day, I want to tell you how grateful I feel to be your daughter. You have always made me believe in myself even in moments when I did not want to. I hope you always keep showing your confidence in me.
  • You are and always have been the most influential person in my life. I have always tried to live up to your expectations. You have never pressured me for or anything, and that is just another pro of having a mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I am glad that you still count on me. I felt honoured today when you liked the gift I had made for you. No amount of words or gifts can ever be enough to tell you how grateful and indebted I feel for having beautiful and intelligent women like you.
  • Happy mother’s day to the women who have influenced my life in a billion ways every single day. Since the day I was born till the date I meet the almighty, you will always be the best person I ever had the honour to know. Thank you for being the person that you are.
  • Dear mom, I hope you enjoy this day specially dedicated to you. You have always been the centre of my universe and I want to give my all to you just to make you happy and see the smile on your face.
Thank you for always being by my side and in motivating me by several means.
  • With every passing year, you are turning more and more beautiful by all means. I can just look at you smile for the entire day and week and I would not get tired. God has gifted me with the most generous and beautiful women like my mother. I aspire to turn into a woman like you someday. Happiest Mother’s Day!