Kitty parties are a great way to celebrate one’s love for cats with friends and family. Whether the party is for a birthday or any other occasion, it is important to send thank you messages to the generous host after the party. A good way to do this is by sending them kitty themed cards that they can place in their home or office.

The custom of hosting, participating, or even attending a kitty party has been around for a long while. History has it that this kind of party is rooted in the Indian and specifically Hindu tradition.

We might not know so much about its history, but we see how these events have been beneficial. Because of the aim of such parties, friends end up assisting each other with donations, participants have a great time, and the bond between everyone involved is fostered.

thank you messages for kitty party
Thank you messages for kitty party

As a result of the benefits lined up above and more, it is only ideal that the host is appreciated. In the same view, friends that contribute funds to assist one another during these parties should be appreciated.

We have just the perfect kinds of thank you quotes for kitty parties here, and you should check them out. You would come across many of them that would tick all the right boxes as you keep reading.

Some Thank You Quotes for Kitty Party

  • My appreciation to all of you knows no bound for turning up for the kitty party. Thanks a lot for showing up and making your presence felt.
  • I have always longed for meaningful associations. Gathering that would make me a better person in all ramifications. Well, my wish has been fulfilled with people like you. Thanks for being a part of this kitty party.
  • Beyond reasonable measure, we felt your presence positively during the last kitty party. It is mainly because of your financial contributions. You also went all the way to make the gathering as lively as possible. Thanks for your immense contribution to the success of the kitty party.
  • As long as friends like you would show up, I would gladly host another kitty party. You made our day with your presence, and we appreciate you for this.
I would gladly organize another kitty party
I would gladly organize another kitty party
  • The kitty party aimed to raise funds for the host, as is our tradition. However, we achieved more than this. Thanks to the likes of you that make the occasion worth every moment.
  • Thank you for hosting the girls during the last kitty party. You did a great job from all indications, and we are grateful to have you as our friend.
  • Hell no! I would not miss a kitty party hosted by someone like you for anything. I have benefited from your party organization skills, and I cherish every moment spent at events organized by you. You did quite a great job with this one, and we are so proud of you.
  • Your kitty parties are the best I have ever attended. The meals, games, and profitable interactions make the event worth it. Well done (name of recipient)!
  • Some activities threatened to make me absent at the kitty party hosted by you. I went out of my way to be present, and I am glad that I did. It is because of the fanfare and all the great things that the event afforded me. Thank you for doing such a good job hosting the party.
  • Here is what I tell the girls any time you host our traditional kitty party. “The way (name of recipient) hosts kitty parties are the standard.” It is because of the remarkable outturn of kitty parties hosted by you. Keep up the excellent job!
  • Of course, you ended up with the contributed funds as the host. But truth be told, you are worth a lot more than the funds contributed. Firstly, this is because you put so much into hosting us. But more importantly, it is because you are a remarkable person.
  • The amount of money contributed and handed over to me as the host of the kitty party swept me off my feet. I am very thrilled by your generosity and appreciate you a lot. Thanks for being such amazing friends.
  • I decided to take stock of how much was contributed after the kitty party. I was taken aback by the amount, and it took quite some time to recover. I am more than grateful to you all for showing up for me in this amazing way. Thank you very much for your contributions.
  • I have had reasons to appreciate the several people like you that I call friends. This is just one of such times, and it seems like I cannot do it enough. You came through for me with your contributions during the last kitty party. I am glad to have you all as friends. Thanks a lot!
  • Friends are people that are willing to celebrate the good times with you. But friends do more than this. They are willing to use fanfare as an opportunity to come through for you. You have done exactly this by contributing this much for me during the last kitty party. I appreciate and celebrate every one of you.
Thank you for contributing to this kitty party
Thank you for contributing to this kitty party
  • Hosting a kitty party is not always going to be convenient. Also, I know you have a lot going on, so hosting a kitty party for us was the last thing I expected. You went all the way to do this, and you did it so well. You are such an inspiration, and I appreciate you greatly for your sacrifices.
  • I had two minds about attending the kitty party when I got your invite. The reason was that I was not too sure of what to expect. I am so glad that I got well ahead of my reservation by attending. It was such an amazing time, and I would love to do this again. Thanks for the invite (name of recipient).
  • I am glad that I honored your invitation to the kitty party. This is because I have gotten the rare privilege of meeting your amazing friends and colleagues. I can now understand why you are as impressive as you are. Thank you for inviting me.
  • One thought kept ringing in my mind throughout the kitty party. Events like the kitty party hosted by you are where true friends show up. I am grateful that I am a part of this clique because we are made up of amazing people.
  • Organizing this kitty party was not a stroll in the park. Well, it turned out to be a fantastic time together, and this is because you helped in so many ways. I got most of the praise from the team as the host, but I appreciate you for being a true backbone. Thank you for your selfless assistance.

And there you have it. Several thank you quotes for kitty parties are right above, and you can make good use of them when the need arises. However, you are advised to go through every one of them and choose something that best suits your intent for appreciating.