Whether it’s a quick phone call to share the latest development about a breakup, or late-night musings about future plans, having someone that listens to us is special. And while our confidants may also be our biggest fans and loving supporters, thanking them for listening will make them feel extra valued.

Talking about a problem can make it seem less daunting. A quick ‘thank you for listening’ message after you have unloaded is a lovely way to let someone close to you know how much their time was appreciated and that you don’t take them for granted.

thank you for listening

While you may have had a lot to say while you were pouring your heart out, it can be daunting finding the perfect words that sum up how grateful you are for an empathetic listening ear. Luckily saying thank you is one of our special skills, and we have made a list of examples you can use.

Ways To Make A Thank You for Listening Message Meaningful

A trusted friend or family member can feel like a safe haven in our lives. Sending them a note or card with a few words expressing gratitude after they have listened to you will mean a lot. It lets them know how sincere you are in your appreciation.

Your thank you for listening message needs to be short and to the point, but it also needs to be personal to sound sincere. It is kind of like sending a virtual thank you hug and should make the other person smile and feel a warm glow inside.

To make finding the perfect words easier, we have created this table of DOs and DO NOTs of creating the perfect thank you message:

Send your message at the right time. Don’t wait for weeks or months. If someone listened to you and you appreciated it, let them know.Include specific details about what you shared – you may not want that information on a note or message later.
Tell the recipient how their listening helped you.Make it long. Keep it short and meaningful.
Keep it personal and address them by name or nickname if they have one.Use untidy handwriting – your note must convey that it was written with care.
Tell them how much you value the relationship and their support.Be too serious – your intention is to thank them, not to make them worry about you. If appropriate, include some humor to lift the mood and reassure them that you are okay.

Small Gift Ideas To Go With Your Thank You Note

If you can, add a small token of appreciation to thank them for listening to you. The item does not have to be anything overwhelming or expensive – just a little reminder to them that they are important to you and you were so grateful to have someone to talk to.

Here are some ideas of small items that are sure to make the recipient of your message smile and feel extra special.

  • Heart desk ornament – A gorgeous reminder of your gratitude that is perfect for a friend or family member that they can display anywhere.
  • Thank you candle – Let the other person feel the warm glow that goes with your thank you for listening message.
  • Ceramic ornament – The perfect small touch that will add a nice touch to your thank you for listening message.
  • Appreciation keychain – This small token can be a physical reminder to the recipient how grateful you are that they took the time to listen to you when you needed them.

Words For Thank You For Listening Messages And Notes

  1. I was feeling overwhelmed, and you listened. Thank you for being around when I needed a friend.
  2. Your quiet empathy while I poured out my heart on [insert day] was exactly the therapy I needed. Thank you for listening and being so compassionate about everything.
  3. My life certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing lately. Since my break up with [insert name], I have felt very lost, but thanks to you, I have never felt alone. Thank you for being my anchor and always being around when I need someone to talk to.
  4. Thank you for listening to me, even when I am gloomy company. I feel so much better after our conversation the other evening. Your quiet, understanding attitude has encouraged me to keep my chin up and keep on trying my best.  

  1. Having a friend to share one’s thoughts with is a special treasure in anyone’s life. You are that magical human in my life, and I want you to know how deeply I value you for always making time to listen to me.
  2. You are my safe place when life throws curveballs. Thank you for being on call to listen to the latest developments in my current saga. Your patience and encouragement are invaluable, and I know I will get through this with your support.
  3. With all the crazy ups and downs in my life lately, sometimes I get tired of myself! Thank you for always listening to me – it helps to know that you are always only a phone call away.
  4. Our talk yesterday reminded me that there are still wonderful people in the world. Thank you for listening to me and helping to ease my load. I feel much better and am truly blessed to have a friend like you.

Thank You For Listening Quotes

  • You gave me the encouragement I needed without saying a word. Thank you for listening.
  • In tough times, you are my safe place. Thank you for always listening quietly and never judging me.
  • Thanks for being the friend that it is impossible to overshare with. I always feel safe telling you everything. Thank you for listening, even when you’ve heard the story a million times before!
  • This note is to thank you for listening to my concerns and taking them seriously. It took some time to muster the courage to speak to you, and I appreciate how comfortable you made me feel while getting things off my chest.
  • Thank you for listening to me and understanding the feelings behind the words. Our friendship is something I will never take for granted.  

Thank You For Listening To My Problems Quotes

  1. Friendship is one of the sweetest gifts that we can be blessed with. Thank you for listening when I needed a trusted shoulder to cry on. Thanks to you, I am feeling much more positive.
  2. Thank you for listening to my problems for free – we both know I can’t afford a therapist!
  3. I seem to have had many hours of need lately! Thank you for always being on standby to listen to my problems. I truly value you and want you to know that you have a very special place in my heart.
  4. I am fortunate to have a friend with a gold heart in my life. Thank you for never getting tired of listening to my problems, and know that I never take your love and support for granted.
  5. Your patience, quiet wisdom, and peace are an anchor in my life. No matter how big my problems become, knowing that you are always willing to listen is a comfort. I don’t know how I’d cope without you.

Thank you for listening to me – it helped a lot to have someone to talk to. Sharing my problems with you on [insert day] made me feel lighter. It felt like a huge load had been lifted from my shoulders.